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Menu Overview

About our Menu

Our menu was developed specially and exclusively for The Whole Person Catering by Kansas City’s famous chef and entrepreneur Alex Pope of the Local Pig. The menu was designed to be unique and as locally sourced as possible.  With a mixture of different and familiar ingredients our sandwiches and salads will be a hit with everyone from the most sophisticated to the simplest tastes.

From truffle to chipotle aioli paired with ingredients such as sweet potato, fresh arugula and fresh mozzarella, our sandwiches and salads are bursting with fresh flavors and one of a kind taste combinations.

What's behind the menu names?

Each of our sandwiches and salads have been named after advocates of the disability movement. From "The Ed" named for Ed Roberts is often called the father of the Independent Living Movement, to "Dr. Jane," named for Dr. Jane Fernandes, the ninth president of Guilford College and the first deaf woman to lead an American college or university....we call attention to leaders who have helped inspire and organize citizens to protect the human rights of people with disabilities.

Click on the names of our sandwiches and salads to read a short bio of that person’s unique contributions toward independence for people with disabilities.

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